Direct cremation

      Direct cremation is the most economical option without a 

       funeral service taking place prior to the committal. 

     The cost for direct cremation is £600*

 including the supply of a basic handcrafted coffin 

        + Disbursements...  

      Grimsby crematorium:

 A Simple service for cremation takes place on Tuesdays and Wednesdays only – Appt 9.00 or 9.20 a.m. 

 Includes 10 minutes use of chapel                            £460.00 

+ x2 Doctors fees                                                      £165.00

Our charges                                                             £450* 

Crematorium medical referee £18.50

Total £1,093.50

Alford Crematorium:

A simple cremation with no service and no mourners £535

+ x2 Doctors fees                                                        £165

Our charges                                                                  £450*

Total £1,1049

Woodland crematorium, Scunthorpe: 

A simple cremation with no service and no mourners £491

+ x2 Doctors fees                                                     £164

Our charge                                                                £450*

Total £1,105

When a death has occurred in the home, hospice or nursing home and the Coroner is not to be involved we will attend as soon as possible. 

  • There are 3 things you must do in the first few days after someone dies...

  • Get a medical certificate from a GP or hospital doctor. You'll need this to register the death.
  • Register the death within 5 days (8 days in Scotland). ...
  • Arrange the funeral - you can arrange it yourself there are NO RULES that say you must use a funeral director if a registrar tells you , you need a funeral director tell them you are the funeral director.
  • If death has occurred in hospital we will require the green certificate from the Registrar or the Coroner's Order for Cremation before we can collect the body. you must register the death within 5 days and this must be done by you.

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