Funerals From Home 2018 price promise...

         Our services start from £495 to £1,500 PLUS payments to third parties
         And includes the following:
  • 24 Hour service
  • Removal of the body from the place of death if not already at home
  • Provision of a mid range handcrafted coffin complete with satin interior coffin suite, engraved brass name plate, handles, wreath holders and can include an English rose or Sacred heart if desired.
  • Completion of all necessary and legally required paperwork for the local authority for either burial or cremation or burial within a private burial ground 
  • Our home based services and equipment..                              Preparation of the body and aftercare this includes dressing and placing the body into the coffin 
  • Transportation to Crematorium or Burial ground
  • provision of four pallbearers if required 
         We can also undertake the removal of a body day or night at £85* 
                 *This charge is waived if we undertake the funeral*

Please be aware that our costs ( £495 to £1,500 ) above do NOT include payments (Disbursements) to third parties which we have no control over! 

Cremation at:  Grimsby Crematorium 

Full service with 40 Minutes of chapel time £705.00 Plus medical referee fee currently set at £18.50 (THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE TWO DOCTORS FEES TO CERTIFY WHICH IS CURRENTLY SET AT £82,50 EACH £TOTAL OF £165

 (At present due to Covid19 only one doctor is required to certify and complete the form for cremation)

A simple service Tuesday and Wednesday only from 09:00 Am and 09:20 Am Includes 10 Minutes of chapel use £450 Plus doctors fees and our charges 


Cremation at: Scunthorpe Crematorium 

From 17 years old and above and during the week ................ £641 (excludes public holidays) 
Direct cremation.. £491 (no attendance by family or friends)

At a glance:

Form 4  £82  Must be completed by the registered medical practitioner who          attended the deceased during their last illness.

          Please note: After completing form 4, it is necessary to confirm that no pacemaker  or radioactive implant has been left in the body. A separate fee is        charged if a doctor has to remove a pacemaker from a body                                        

Form 5 £82,50  Must be completed by a registered medical practitioner who is neither a partner nor a relative of the doctor who completed form 4.  TWO DOCTORS ARE REQUIRED TO CERTIFY COSTING £165 IN TOTAL.                                              

These fees are applicable to forms completed by medical attendants (agreed with the National Association of Funeral Directors, NAFD, the National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors, SAIF, and Co-operative Funeralcare).

When working with funeral directors who are not members of either organisation, doctors should negotiate their own fee in advance of doing this work.

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